CEO Frederic Oudea speaks to Gulf News about GCC Structural Reform


Société Générale looks forward to participating in large infrastructure financing in the region

Dubai: A long period of oil price decline and the GCC governments’ efforts to structurally transform economies are throwing up huge opportunities to deploy both intellectual and financial capital in the region, said Frederic Oudea, CEO of Societe Generale in an exclusive interview with Gulf News.

“We have had a pretty steady strategy for the region for the last 4 years while taking advantage of our core expertise. Last year we said we will put some of our people and expertise in structured finance and infrastructure finance and asset finance. Within a short span of time we have had good results. Of course, the reform efforts in the region come with a lot of opportunities,” he said.

Although there has been a slowdown in economic activities due the pressure from lower oil prices, the economic situation has increased the region’s demand for international funding from varying sources ranging from governments, private sector, public private partnerships and financial services sector.


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