Societe Generale Group

More than 150 years of commitment to serving our clients and the economy worldwide

Founded in 1864 to support the development of trade and industry, Societe Generale is one of the leading financial services groups in Europe. Using a diversified universal banking model, the Group combines financial strength with a strategy of sustainable growth, putting its resources to work to finance the economy and its customers’ projects.

Societe Generale has been playing a vital role in the economy for more than 150 years. With more than 146,000 employees, based in 66 countries, we accompany 31 million clients throughout the world on a daily basis. Societe Generale’s teams offer advice and services to individual, corporate and institutional customer in three core businesses:

  • Retail banking in France with the Societe Generale branch network, Credit du Nord and Boursorama, offering a comprehensive range of multichannel financial services on the leading edge of digital innovation;
  • International retail banking, financial services and insurance with a presence in emerging economies and leading specialised businesses;
  • Corporate and investment banking, private banking, asset management and securities services, with recognised expertise, top international rankings and integrated solutions.

Societe Generale’s ambition is to be THE relationship-focused bank, a reference point in its markets, a bank close to its customers and one that is chosen for the quality and commitment of its teams. In order to make this a reality, the Group has made customer satisfaction its top priority and is transforming its businesses and structures to improve operational efficiency.

Our signature –”Building team spirit together” – is more than a promise, it is a commitment to use the expertise and energy of all our employees to make sure we fully deserve our customers’ trust.

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Societe Generale: More than 150 years

In 2014, Societe Generale Group celebrated its 150th anniversary with a focus on entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and team spirit. Founded by a group of industrialists and financiers, the bank’s very name illustrated their ambition: "Société Générale pour favoriser le développement du commerce et de l’industrie en France” (“Societe Generale to support the development of trade and industry in France"), as written into the Imperial decree signed by Napoléon III on 4 May 1864.

Societe Generale has always served economic development, contributing to the financing of infrastructures that symbolised the modern world. Societe Generale was among the first French banks to open branches in London and in Russia in the 1870s, before expanding into the Maghreb, New York and Africa to set up operations in Central European countries.

Societe Generale has always been at the cutting edge of financial innovation, and takes strength from its origins to assert its banking vision for the future, reinvent its businesses to serve its clients and become the reference bank of the 21st century.

Discover 150 years of history (in English only): http://www.societegenerale.com/en/about-us/our-identity/150-years-of-history